Welcome to TJ Youth Football

Go Jaguars!

Welcome to TJ Youth Football - Go Jaguars!

Safety – TJYFB Organization’s NUMBER ONE Concern

The game of football can be rough.  All of the big hits, twisting body parts and strains on the body.  However, with all of the top-of-the line equipment TJYFB provides to the kids as well as teaching the safest most important way to play the game, our organization strives on safety.

DID YOU KNOW?  That in the WHOLE TJYFB league (every age group) in the 2014 season, we did not have ONE concussion?  That…is…impressive!  That is one strong statement we stand by as an organization that all of the other competing organizations could not attest to.

Plain and simple…we take safety VERY seriously and we want the kids to learn the game of football, play with safety in mind and more importantly, have fun.

Here is a very informational video on tackling.  So important, that even one of the NFL’s top teams, The Seattle Seahawks practice this as well.  Please take a moment to check it out.  This video takes away tackling with the helmet and promotes safe and effective shoulder tackling while always keeping your head up.

TJYFB Accepts Parkway Youth Football League Invite

The TJYFB Board of Directors voted early in January to accept an invitation to join the Parkway Youth Football League and begin competition in the conference in the 2015 football year.

A source told TJSPN (Thomas Jefferson Sports Programming Network) that the Thomas Jefferson Jaguars Youth Football Organization made its official move to the PYFL as of January 2015.

“We have an enormous number of respect for the PYFL area,” said Don Schmidt. “Our fans there are huge and heretofore it was rare that we would ever have an opportunity for our teams to compete in this organization and reconnect with those fans and supporters. Now the fact that we can compete with these other great teams of the PYFL, (means) a greater presence from a recruiting perspective, connecting with more of our parents, fans and kids.”

This will be an extremely exciting time for the TJYFB organization and we hope to see more parents and kids get involved in this great tradition of football in the Thomas Jefferson School District Area.

TJYFB Board Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2015


The regular meeting of the TJYFB was called to order at 7:20pm on 1/13/2015 in Elliot’s BBQ & Steakhouse located at 611 Old Clairton Rd, Pleasant Hills, PA by Don Schmidt.


Don Schmidt

Jen Volomino

Shelly Vickers

Jen Janusek

Cory Diethorn

Paul Volomino


Open Issues

Joining new league, ideas for the 2015 season

New Business

Ideas for 2015 Football Season

  • Handout from Don
  • Fundraisers
    • Hoagie
    • Chipotle
    • Chick Fil A
    • Five Below
  • Forming Committees
    • Fundraising
    • Concessions
    • Apparel
  • Sibling Discount
  • Buyout, no fundraisers for those who prefer a buyout
  • Discussed TJ’s prices compared to other leagues
    • TJ is in lower average ($130 compared to $200)
  • Early Registration (online through Blue Sombrero)
  • Discussed insurance
    • TJ purchases additional player insurance, which most teams do not do
  • New Website – coordinated by Cory Diethorn
  • Publicity
    • South Hills Record
    • New Website will promote new league
  • Volunteer Hours – same as last year
    • 12 hours per player
    • 6 hours for coaches/wives
  • Person must be at least 16 years old to work in concession stand
  • Someone is needed to run the clock for home games
  • National Anthem must be played for all home games
  • Team Sponsors
    • New website will have link for sponsors’ websites
  • Parent Meetings
    • To introduce the Board
    • Review By-Laws
    • Discuss parental conduct at games & practices
    • Mandatory
  • Coaches for 2015 Season
    • Background checks (red light/green light)
    • Coaching clinics
    • Steelers coaching clinic – $10 for lunch


New League

  • Paul discussed the new league – Parkway Youth Football League (pyflpa.com) – the former South Suburban Youth Football League
  • There are currently 13-14 teams in this league
  • Possibility of two conferences in 2015
  • We will join the league with no probation and have full rights.
  • The G-28 is disbanding, which may mean that more team could join the Parkway league soon.
  • The new league will be divided into 4 age groups:
    • 6/7 year olds
    • 8/9 year olds
    • 10/11 year olds
    • 12 year olds
  • Each team will have a varsity and junior varsity, except the 6/7 year old team


2014 Expenses

Total                                             $12,721.31



Agenda for Next Meeting

Discuss 2015 season further, decide on fundraisers for the season and begin to seek sponsors/donations for the new season.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:58pm by Don Schmidt. The next general meeting will be at 7pm on TBD, in Elliot’s.

Minutes submitted by:     Jennifer Janusek

Approved by:                   TJYFB Board

TJYFB January Board Meeting

Please join us on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 for our first board meeting of the New Year.  We will be discussing the upcoming 2015 TJ Youth Football season and discuss the changes that will be occurring.

We strongly encourage everyone to join us to assure we have an extremely strong and successful season.

Hope to see you there!

Go Jaguars!