Welcome to TJ Youth Football

Go Jaguars!

Equipment Return Dates

Congratulations to all of the teams on a great season!
We have scheduled the equipment return date for Saturday, November 16th at the practice field.  Please bring ALL equipment washed and cleaned during your teams scheduled time.  

Saturday, November 16th
6/7s, 8s:          11AM-12:30PM
9s, 10s, 11s:    1-3PM

Saturday, November 23rd   10AM – 11:30AM

You will receive your $50 equipment deposit and $75 participation deposit at this time.  ALL equipment must be returned in order to receive your deposit – game jersey, practice jersey, shoulder pads and helmet.  If you have met your 12 participation hours you will receive your participation deposit.

Please let Jen Volomino know if you are unable to make any of the dates above.

Thank you.  


Playoff Semifinals!  Below is this week’s schedule!  GOOD LUCK TJ!!

Team Opponent Game Time Location
9′s West Allegheny Saturday 10:30am North Hills (Ross Elementary)
10′s North Hills Saturday 12:00am North Hills (Ross Elementary)
11′s North Hills Sunday 4:00pm Moon High School

Update to this week’s game times

Please note that there are a few changes this week.  We will start 30 minutes later than usual, beginning at 8:30am.  Also, the 9s, 10s, and 11s have changes in game times.  See below:

Team Game Time
6/7s 8:30am
8s 9:30am
10s 11:00am
11s 1:00pm
9s 3:00pm

Lastly, there will be SAT testing at the High School on Saturday, so we will not be announcing until 12:00pm.

Football Equipment Distribution Dates!!

Football Equipment Distribution Dates listed below:

June 19:  6/7 year olds 5:30-7PM

                 8 year olds 6:30 -8PM

June 20:  9 year olds 5:30-7PM

                10 year olds 6:30-8PM

June 27:     11 year olds 5:30-7PM

                    12/13 year olds 6:30-8PM

July 2:  Make up date for ALL ages 6-7PM 

Equipment will be passed out at the practice field – located next to the Large Hotel off of Rt 51.


Just a few notes for equipment distribution this year:

NO equipment will be given to anyone that tries to attend another age groups equipment date or time.  If you can’t attend the make-up date we can make arrangements so that you get the equipment before the first practice. Continue reading

2013 Football Registration!

Are you ready for some TJ Youth Football?! Registration dates are listed below. Check back for updates!

Pleasant Hills Borough Building
Wednesday, May 22nd 6-8pm
Thursday, May 30th 6-8pm

Jefferson Hills Borough Building
Saturday, June 1st 10am-12pm
Tuesday, June 11th 6-8pm

Hope to see you soon!!!